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Top 17 Attractive Horseshoe Mustache | Popular Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe mustache is a popular mustache styles for men. Horseshoes are often believed to be good luck. The horse shoe moustache look is usually preferred by bikers. The beast part about this moustache is that it goes well with all kinds of hairstyles and face shapes.

This moustache covers the upper part of the lips and bends towards the ends forming an outline of the chin. to create such a mustache you will need to grow a full mustache and a short beard. it is in the shape of an inverted U. Horseshoe mustache looks very trendy but it requires regular maintenance to appear neat.

Check Out These 17 Attractive Horseshoe Mustache

17. Bald Horseshoe Moustache Style

Bald Horseshoe Moustache Style

16. Biker Mustache

Biker Mustache

15. Blonde Mustache

Blonde Mustache

14. Classic Style

Classic Style

13. Clean Horse Shoe Mustache

Clean Horse Shoe Moustache

12. Cowboy Mustache

Cowboy Mustache

11. Extended Horseshoe Mustache

Extended Horseshoe Moustache

Stunning Horseshoe Mustache Styles

10. Horseshoe Flattop

Horseshoe Flattop

9. Horseshoe Mustache with Beard

Horseshoe Mustache with Beard

8. Horseshoe Mustache with Long Hair

Horseshoe Mustache with Long Hair

7. Horseshoe Mustache with Pompadour

Horseshoe Mustache with Pompadour

6. Horseshoe Mustache with Short Spiky Hairstyle

Horseshoe Mustache with Short Spiky Hairstyle

5. Horseshoe Mustache With Stubble

Horseshoe Mustache With Stubble

4. Mustache With Sideburns

Mustache With Sideburns

3. Short Horseshoe Mustache

Short Horseshoe Mustache

2. Thick Third Column

Thick Third Column

1. With Soul Patch Beard Style

With Soul Patch Beard Style

The horseshoe mustache is shaped like an upside down ‘U’ around your mouth and down the sides of your chin. Two long bars of mustache hair pointing downwards, often extending all the way to the chin.

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