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Top 10 Best Fu Manchu Mustache Styles | Awesome Fu Manchu Mustache

Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

The Fu Manchu mustache is other popular mustache styles, is a full, straight moustache. This moustache was originated from fictional Chinese celebrity, Fu Manchu. The style has gained popularity across the world, especially with bikers and other groups of people who feel like bad boys. The facial hair design is often used to stereotype Asian, more specifically Chinese, ethnicity.

It takes time to achieve a Fu Manchu since the hair only grows at a speed of about one-half inch each month. In the Fu Manchu Moustache the borders of the upper lip and growing downwards past the cheeks and the chin, frequently extending the jaw line and having two tapered tendrils. The only real trick is differentiating between a Fu Manchu mustache and a horseshoe mustache because they are able to look similar to the untrained eye.

Check Out These 10 Best Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

10. Fu Manchu Mustache with Braided Beard

Fu Manchu Mustache with Braided Beard

9. Fu Manchu Short Mustache

Fu Manchu Short Mustache

8. Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe Mustache

7. In Between a Horseshoe

In Between a Horseshoe

6. Short Fu Manchu Mustache with Beard

Short Fu Manchu Mustache with Beard

Popular Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

5. Short Fu Manchu

Short Fu Manchu

4. The Full Mustache Fu Style

The Full Mustache Fu Style

3. The Sporty Fu

The Sporty Fu

2. Thick and Long

Thick and Long

1. Wide Fu Manchu

Wide Fu Manchu

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