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Top 15 Popular Walrus Mustache | Amazing Walrus Mustache Styles

Walrus Mustache

The walrus mustache is characterized by whiskers that are thick, bushy, and fall over the mouth. The walrus is characterized by thick, bushy, whiskers that droop within the mouth. Will grow down over the top lip and cover up at least aspect of the mouth, though the many epic walruses will drape across the mouth thoroughly.

The walrus mustache is similar to a beard to your upper lip. The Walrus mustache has an older, honored and proud heritage recalled throughout the world as becoming a major portion of the facial hair motion guys adopted throughout the 19th Century. If you prefer to develop a lot of hair for your moustache you’re best suited to this kind of mustache.

Check Out These 15 Popular Walrus Mustache

15. Big Mustache

Big Mustache

14. David Crosby

David Crosby

13. Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

12. Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache

11. Jamie Hyneman Mustache Style

Jamie Hyneman Mustache Style

Amazing Walrus Mustache Ideas For Men

10. Mark Twain

Mark Twain

9. Mustache with Beard Style

Mustache with Beard Style

8. Pointy Walrus Mustache

Pointy Walrus Moustache

7. Sam Elliot Mustache Style

Sam Elliot Mustache Style

6. Short Mustache with Bald Head

Short Mustache with Bald Head

5. Short Mustache

Short Mustache

4. Stubble Beard With Mustache

Stubble Beard With Mustache

3. Trimmed Moustache

Trimmed Moustache

2. Walrus Moustache With Full Beard

Walrus Moustache With Full Beard

1. Walrus Moustache With Soul Patch Beard

Walrus Moustache With Soul Patch Beard

The whiskers of a walrus are bushy and they droop above their mouthsame is the case with a walrus style mustache on a guy, it is supposed to droop over the mouth and cover it. If you’re fond of owning a moustache that’s predominantly thick this is the design for you.

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